AC100-K Open Loop Permanent Magnetic Air Compressor Inverter
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Key Features

  • High performance synchronous permanent magnetic air compressor electric motor controller.
  • Lets your air compressor work efficiently and energy-savingly.
  • Low noise, high stability and long service life.

Benefits & Features

Veichi AC100-K high frequency inverter is specially developed for air compressor industry as there is a large demand in global market. Because of its advanced sensorless vector control algorithm, professional structure design and stable performance, AC100-K inverter is widely used in air compressor industry with remarkable energy-saving effect. If you are now searching for frequency inverters for air compressor, Veichi AC100-K is an ideal choice.

Air Compressor Working Principle

  1. Simple and Convenient Operation
    Digital display, it is pretty easy in setting parameters, debugging and maintaining.

  2. Increases the Durability of Air Compressor
    By using AC100-K inverter, it effectively improves the machine wear condition, reduces noises and extends the lifespan of air compressor.

  3. Real-time Monitoring
    Users can monitor the dynamic data of air compressor in real time, such as the running current, voltage, output frequency and etc.
  4. RS485 Communication
    AC100-K air compressor inverter adopts RS485 communication technology that it responses more rapidly with constant air pressure.

  5. Support Remote Monitoring
    This air compressor electric motor controller has remote monitoring function so that you can monitor the usage condition at any time, read the parameters, modify the parameters, lock or start the machine.
  6. High Precision Control
    AC100-K inverter for air compressor has been designed with an electricity meter that its precision is within 5%, so it is very convenient for users to calculate the power saving rate.

  7. Parameter Calibration Function
    AC100-K air compressor inverter has parameter calibration function that users can conveniently correct frequency, voltage, power consumption and etc. to make parameters more accurate.
  8. AC100-K Wiring Diagram

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