AC200-T High Recognition Accuracy & Strong Anti-Disturbance Ability
AC200-T High Recognition Accuracy & Strong Anti-Disturbance Ability Special Frequency Inverters Electric Drive Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Pandamaran Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Veichi Electric (M) Sdn Bhd

Key Features

  • Advanced torque identification algorithm that could realize high output torque accuracy and low torque ripple
  • Intelligent roll diameter recognition could achieve high recognition accuracy and strong anti-disturbance ability
  • Resilient to retractable reel diameter & smooth start, stable tension at high and low speeds
  • Professional friction compensation module ensures consistent front and back tension during material processing

Benefits & Features

  1. Tension-dedicated Functions

    1. Taper coefficient, tension-specific frequency inverters are used for occasions where the required tension decreases with increasing roll diameter. By setting the taper coefficient, the flattening of the winding can be achieved to achieve a better molding effect;
    2. Automatically change rolls, tension-specific frequency inverters have abundant automatic roll-change function, which can achieve high-speed non-stop automatically changing rolls, greatly improving the efficiency of production;
  2. Abundant Features & Excellent Performance

    1. Friction compensation, tension-specific frequency inverters have dynamic and static friction compensation for mechanical systems, which can optimize the control effect of tension and improve the stability and response speed of the tension system;
    2. Zero-speed tension, tension dedicated frequency inverter can provide tension value that can be automatically set for the zero speed at the scene, to ensure that the field operation and zero speed require different tensions;
  3. Various Roll Diameter Calculation Methods

    1. Linear Velocity Method:
      AC200T special inverter for tension control can obtain accurate winding diameter through the line speed of the previous stage, its own angular speed, and mechanical reduction ratio. In the formula, v represents the linear velocity of the traction side (easily available), w represents the angular velocity of the motor rotation (calculated by the frequency inverter), k represents the mechanical reduction ratio and r (required for tension winding) represents the diameter of the reel winding
    2. Thickness Integration Method:
      According to the thickness of the material and number of rotations of the reel, the diameter of the coil is accumulated so as to obtain the diameter of the material coil. AC200T special frequency inverter for tension control accumulates the rotation of the take-up reel so as to obtain the diameter of the rewinding without adding an external proximity switch and several ring devices

  4. Fast Speed and Torque Response

    1. Velocity Rigidity
      Suddenly 100% loading and unloading completely at 40Hz, recovery time is still within 10ms
    2. Torque Response
      Non-mechanical locking of load, AC200T given torque increases suddenly from 0% to 100% or from 100% to 0%, torque response time is still within 10ms
  5. Industry Electrical System Solutions

    Linear velocity method application: The material is pulled by the front end machine to determine the material line speed. The material tension is determined by AC200T winding. The winding diameter can be calculated from the traction given line speed

    Thickness method application: The current machine does not provide traction structure that determines the line speed. The material line speed is directly determined by the front-end motor. The material tension is determined by AC200T winding. The roll diameter of this program can be calculated by the encoder pulse provided by the encoder or external circulators

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