AP100 of Industry-Leading Fuzzy PI Algorithm with Fast Regulation
AP100 of Industry-Leading Fuzzy PI Algorithm with Fast Regulation Special Frequency Inverters Electric Drive Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Pandamaran Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Veichi Electric (M) Sdn Bhd

Key Features

  • Perfectly drive synchronous and asynchronous multiple screw compressors
  • Pre-determined motor demagnetization mechanism to prevent irreversible motor demagnetization
  • Industry-leading fuzzy PI algorithm with fast regulation, fast response and no overshoot
  • Intelligent IOT system & real-time monitoring of air compressor field application remotely

Benefits & Features

  1. New Dark Gray Styling & Details Highlight Quality

    1. Dark gray metal shell with black stripes makes it simple and elegant;
    2. Humanized air duct design brings easy removal, cleaning and maintenance and enhanced heat dissipation;
  2. Highly Integrated & Multiple Experiences in One

    1. Three-in-one design of host, fan and oil temperature fan;
    2. VEICHI AP100-K integrated air compressor control process brings convenient wiring;
    3. Adopt TI high-performance DSP chip & more reliable and less noise;
  3. IP52 Protection Level Makes It Free From Oil Pollution

    1. IP52 high protection level & anti-oil, anti-metal powder and high temperature prevention caused by batt;
    2. Applicable to machine tools, textiles, stone and other harsh sites;
  4. Unique Energy-Saving Vector Control Algorithm

    1. Minimum operating current, maximum output and best energy saving under enough pressure supply occasion;
    2. For the current high frequency operation requirements, VEICHI AP100-K owns the highest 600Hz vector control algorithm;
    3. Industry-leading fuzzy PI algorithm with no overshoot and fast regulation;
  5. Intelligent IOT System & All in the Clouds

    1. Real-time monitoring of air compressor field application remotely;
    2. GPRS wireless transmission technology, intelligent fault detection and SMS notification;
    3. Support remote switch, lock reservation, maintenance information search and other functions;
  6. Monitor Motor Magnetic Field to Avoid Demagnetization

    1. VEICHI AP100-K can directly monitor the magnetic field of the motor during operation;
    2. Early warning in the possible case of loss of magnetization, reducing the probability of loss of motor;
    3. Motor temperature detection prevents irreversible demagnetization of the PMSM due to overheating;

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