BU30 Series Brake Unit
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Key Features

  • User-friendly with easy installation.
  • Designed with complete protection functions.
  • Featuring fast braking speed.
  • Reliable quality and competitive price.

Benefits & Features

BU30 series brake unit is mainly used in large mechanical load occasions and occasions which require fast braking speed. It can consume the motor generated regenerative energy or feed it back to current. This product has a reliable quality, wide range of applications, modular structure and other advantages.
  1. Simple and beautiful appearance, high protection, easy installation.
  2. Convenient control part, flexible and adjustable, user-friendly.
  3. Overheating and short circuit protection improves product reliability. It also has fault indication and fault signal output function what can feed back abnormal situation timely.
  4. Three brake gear, high-precision design.

Parallel Control Scheme
Wiring diagram of multi-machine parallel operation


Braking Unit Output Speficiations

Brake unit model Minimum resistance Peak braking current Adapt to inverter power
Light load Heavy load
BU30-3-075 12Ω 75A 55 - 75KW 22 - 45KW
BU30-3-100 100A 90 - 132KW 55 - 75KW
BU30-3-150 6.2Ω 150A 132 - 160KW 90 - 110KW
BU30-3-300 300A 185 - 250KW 132 - 160KW
BU30-6-075 12Ω 75A 55 - 110KW 22 - 55KW
BU30-6-100 100A 132 - 160KW 75 - 110KW

Technical Specifications

Items Specifications
T3 T6
Power supply Busbar voltage DC400V - DC900V DC600V - DC1300V

Braking mode Automatic voltage tracking mode
Response time 1ms or less, there are multiple noise filtering algorithm.
Operating voltage Braking voltage point can be set arbitrarily. For the setting method, see section 4.1 of user manual. Large    deviation of this value is ± 10V.
Hysteresis voltage Parameter can be adjusted, see section 4.1 of user manual.
Protection function Overload, short circuit, over temperature
Parallel input Automatically identify whether it is parallel drive or not, no parameter settings.
Parallel output

Display and Sets
Status display Power indication, operation indication and fault indication
Operation monitoring The bus voltage can be viewed via the keypad.
Operation voltage setting BU30 products can be set by the keypad of VEICHI and other optional ones.
Environment Installation site Indoor, altitude should be less than 1000m (should be derated 10% with every 1000 meters altitude), no corrosive air or direct sunshine
Temperature -10 +40, good ventilation
Humidity Below 90%RH (no condensation)
Vibration Below 0.5g
Installation Wall-mounted
Cooling Forced air cooling

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